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How to register a public limited company in Chennai?

There are many different types of business structures to choose from while you set up your business, one of the most popular is the Public Limited Company (PLC) Registration in Chennai.
If you're thinking of registering your business as a PLC in Chennai, here are some of the advantages that you can expect.
The directors and shareholders of a public limited company are protected from personal financial losses should the company go bankrupt. This is not the case with sole proprietorships and partnerships.
A public limited company is able to raise capital more easily than a private limited company, as it is listed on the stock exchange. This makes it easier to attract investors.
A public limited company has greater trading opportunities than a private limited company as it is listed on the stock exchange. This allows shareholders to sell their shares more easily. 
Along with above mentioned advantages, PLC registration has a lot more benefits than other types of business structuring. 
So, if you are considering PLC registration is a suitable option for your business. At eAuditor Office, we will take care of all the compliance and paperwork so you can focus on growing your business. 
Our team is experienced in helping young entrepreneurs establish their businesses as legally structured entities and providing the necessary ongoing support to keep them compliant with statutory requirements. Contact us today to find out more about our services and how we can help you get started!

Incorporation of public limited company in Chennai:

A public limited company incorporated in India has many benefits over Private Limited Company and the ability to have any number of members, ease in transfer of shareholding and more transparency makes it popular among foreign investors. If you have an idea or if are planning to get the funds from the general public through Initial Public Offer (IPO) then Start your business by incorporating Public Limited Company.

Public limited company registration in India:
A public limited company incorporated in India is usually registered to raise funds from external sources, i.e. the public for setting up a business, technological advancement, business expansion, global expansion, etc.

Why I should do an Online public limited company registration in Chennai:

A public limited company is suitable to the large organizations which have a comprehensive perspective and higher growth possibilities, rather than a small shop located next door. You can do the registration process online itself with the help of best auditor office in Chennai which is e Auditor Office. 

Features that make a Public Limited Company Different from Private Limited Company and Public Limited Company Registration in India:

Shares offered by a public Ltd. Co. is easily transferable to any other person, such that it merely requires filing and signing of share transfer forms to transfer the shares.
A Public Ltd. Co. is the highest corporate structure to start with.
Public LTD Company Registration in India can have any number of members.
Equity shares of the company are easily transferable to the public in a Public Limited Company.

Register public limited company online in Chennai or How to incorporate a public limited company in Chennai:
One of the best auditors in Chennai which is e Auditor Office is lead by an expert team of Accounting, Auditing, Tax, and Finance Professionals. E-Auditor Office is India's one-stop solution provider for all best Auditor services provider company. The best Auditor office in Chennai. Complete your company Registration, Income Tax Filings, GST Registration & GST Filings, Business registration, and ROC filing.

Public limited company registration Process:
The entire registration process takes a minimum of 15 to 30 working days through auditor office in Chennai. First of all, you have to provide the initial set of documents like pan, Aadhar, mobile number, email id, and passport size photos of all Directors/shareholders. Later you need to provide the rest of the documents requested by the e Auditor office team. We will complete the entire process within the promised time. 

Public limited company registration fees
The registration fees will vary from state to state due to the stamp duty in different states. Also, the number of shareholders and directors plays an important role in the cost of the registration fees. Please be sure about the state in which you’re planning to place your registered office address and that state must provide you all necessary benefits for your business. We believe you have understood well about Registration fees for a public limited company in India.




The company’s investors, members, and shareholders are considered as the owners of a public limited company.

Yes, as per the laws the company should adhere to the compliance rules, regulations, and conduct them annually. Failure to fulfill the compliances will lead to penalties on both the company and the key officials.

A public limited company is being listed on the stock exchange and the stocks are being traded publicly. While a private limited company is neither listed on the stock exchange nor are they traded.

The primary features of a public limited company are limited liability, separate legal entity, transferability of shares, and perpetual succession.

One can transform a private limited company into a public limited company by filing E-form INC 27 with the Registrar. This involves submitting various documents and following a formal procedure for change.

Anyone (natural person) above the age of 18 can be a director of a public limited company provided they are solvent and competent to enter into a contract. There is no restriction as to citizenship either.

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