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How to register a one person company in India online

If you're a solo entrepreneur looking for a simple and affordable way to get your business registered, an One Person Company Registration (OPC) in Chennai is a great option. 
Chennai is the best place to start your business as an OPC, as the city offers a host of benefits and incentives for small businesses. 
At eAuditor Office, we help entrepreneurs to launch their business and legally structure it as per their business needs. 
A One Person Company (OPC) is a business registered as a private limited company with a single shareholder. Compared to other business entities, an OPC has certain benefits that make it an attractive option for entrepreneurs. 
Unlike a partnership firm, an OPC is a legal entity in its own right and is separate from its owner. This separation offers certain benefits, such as limited liability for the owner and the ability to sue and be sued in the company's name. 
An OPC can be registered in India with the Registrar of Companies (RoC).
If you're looking for a simple and affordable way to start your own business, registration as a one person company is a great option.
Talk to our experts at the eAudtior Office now and get all the required assistance to launch your business. You don't need to worry about complicated paperwork or government regulations; we will get it done for you at an affordable cost in a quick turnaround time. 
For more information, please continue this article. This article discusses some of the key benefits of registering your business as an OPC in Chennai.

One Person Company (OPC) registration in Chennai

It is wonderful thinking idea where it promotes the registration of small/micro -businesses and person with entrepreneurial dreams but has no time, resources or means to get more members to execute his business idea. It can be considered as the hybrid of Sole proprietorship business model and the normal company legal entity business model, where the One Person Company would enjoy the best of two business models. The one person company under the provisions of the companies Act 2013 and the rules thereto, with help of e Auditor Office you can get registered. Where it was made possible for a one person company to act as a company without the complexity of having several members. It’s an encouraging model for more people to come forward to start their business. 

One person company incorporation procedure

The important reason for choosing One person Company (OPC) incorporation is that the given person has a business idea that needs to be represented in a company model and the idea solely can carried out by the same person with available limited resources he have. OPC in India can have more than one directors, but the shareholder cannot be more than one, and also no person shall be allowed to register more than 1 one person company. 

By incorporation of Opc private limited company, the company can enjoy the benefits in banking point of via just alike Private limited companies, One person company registration cost will also differs. These are eligible for Banking loans, credits and enjoy the benefits of Limited liability company.

OPC  registration process in Chennai

we provide you a hassle free one person company registration online process in Chennai which would be dealt by our professionals within a time frame of 8 Working days and is subjective to governmental processing time. Our team takes care of the documents required for OPC registration online and aids in provide you the realistic estimation of one person company registration cost in Chennai.

Documents required for OPC Registration

You have to provide your and nominee KYC like Aadhar, Pan, Passport, Bank statements, Passport size photo, mobile number, email id, voter id and registration office address proof like eb bill or telephone bill are the Procedure for registration of one Person Company in India from Chennai. 

One person company (OPC) Registration fees
The Incorporation of one Person Company fees vary on state to state basis. For example it is based on stamp duty for OPC Registration India. But we provide at very best cost for the startups registration in Chennai. Our goal is to create more start-ups.
Online one person company registration
One of the best auditors in Chennai which is eAuditor Office is a lead by an amazing expert team of Professionals. E-Auditor Office is India's best solution provider for all Auditor services provider company in India. The best Auditor office in Chennai. Complete your One person company registration online with us.



The whole registration, starting from obtaining DSC and DIN for the directors, can be completed in approximately 10 days. However, it can vary based on your promptness and departmental approval.

A person can be a member of only one OPC at any given time.

There was a mandatory requirement to convert after a certain threshold. However, those provisions have been revised and it's no longer necessary.

Yes, you can convert your OPC into a private limited company. eAuditor Office can make the conversion smooth and easy for you.

Yes, you can convert an OPC into an LLP provided you get another person to act as a Designated Partner along with the existing sole owner.

For a person to be a member or nominee of OPC, they have to be a natural person who is an Indian citizen whether resident in India or otherwise

The following people cannot form an OPC: ? A minor ? A foreign citizen ? An individual who is incompetent to enter into a contract

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