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How to do GST Registration online in Bangalore

GST was introduced in 2017 as a single unified tax regime for India. GST registration in Bangalore is an easy process as long as you have good professional support. However, it is not mandatory for every business.

You need to do GST registration in Bengaluru if your business's annual turnover is above ₹40 crores if you are a product-based business or if it's above ₹20 crores if you are a service-based business. Post-registration you're supposed to file GST returns periodically.

While the whole idea of GST registration in Bangalore and filing can feel complicated, we have simplified it for your easy understanding in this article.


GST Registration in Bangalore

Any business in India making sale of goods with annual turnover in a financial year of 40 lakhs or service with annual turnover in a financial year of 20 lacs must require the registration for GST and should possess a valid GST Number. In case of interstate sale of goods then from Rs. 1 such business is liable to get the registration for GST and should possess a valid GST Number. If any business in India is making sale of goods and services, then in case of intra state transactions only means Rs. 20 lakhs are the limit and incase of interstate transactions then from Rs. 1 such business is liable to get the registration for GST and should possess a valid GST Number. How to GST Registration online is next good question and you will find the answer in upcoming paragraphs. 


Apply GST Registration online in Bangalore:

With the help of e Auditor Office team, you can send the following documents to and the team will take care of your GST Registration online process in Bangalore.

First set of documents for Online GST Registration:

  1. Passport size photo 
  2.  Driving License or Voter ID 
  3.  Latest Bank statement (not older than 2 months) 
  4.  Aadhar Card 
  5.  PAN Card 
  6.  Mobile Number 
  7.  Email id


Second set of documents to complete GST Registration process in India:

  1. Electricity bill or property tax receipt of business place (not older than 2 months) 
  2. Property owner name and address (to prepare Rental agreement) or property document (if property is registered in your name).

Procedure for GST Registration in Bangalore:


You are requested to provide the First set of documents & details immediately to for GST Registration online India. After sending the First set of documents you are requested to send the Second set of documents and have to pay the GST Registration online fees in Bangalore which is nothing but our professional fees. Finally, you will get your GST (Goods and Services Tax) Registration certificate within 6 working days from the date of submitting the entire second set of documents. 


Apply for GST Registration online or GST Number registration online in Bangalore:

Apply GST registration and returns application online through E-Auditor Office. Get help with GST registration procedure, eligibility and documents required and you'll never have to remember the GST due date again. GST Registration online fees in India is zero. But you need to pay the professional fees for doing the GST Registration online process.


Frequently Asked Questions

You will get a response from the department within 3 common working days on the status of your application. Tax authorities will either approve or raise a Notice seeking clarification in case they found any discrepancies in the application or documents provided.

Paper-based application will not be accepted under the GST regime. It is mandatory to obtain a DSC or an Aadhaar card for E-Sign.

Any person who has started the process of registration but did not submit it, can access the last saved new registration application for a period of 15 days from the day when Transaction Reference Number (TRN) has generated.

In case of registration as a Non-Resident Taxable Person, the law demands an advance deposit of tax based on the estimated turnover of the period for which the registration has to be made. Registration certificate, in this case, will be issued only after such advance deposit of tax in the electronic cash ledger.

When there is an inspection, raid, or detaining of vehicle by the enforcement wing of the GST authority, then the tax officials would demand the unregistered person, on whose name the enforcement has acted, to register under GST as Suo Moto Registration.

company registration consultants near me

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