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All about Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India abbreviated as (FSSAI) is a statutory Organisation of India. CurrentlyChaired by Mr. Rajesh Bhusan and Mr. Arun Singhal being Chief Executive Officer. 
The FSSAI is governed by the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, a consolidating law related to food safety and regulation in India.  
FSSAI is primarily responsible for providing the registrations and FSSAI licensesto the Food Business Operatorsin India (FBOs). 
The FSSAI has its headquarters in New Delhi. 

The authority also has 6 regional offices located in:  

  • Delhi 
  • Guwahati  
  • Mumbai  
  • Kolkata  
  • Cochin 
  • Chennai 

FSSAI Registration / FSSAI License  
As a criterion to standardize the quality and safety of food products supplied and manufactured in India Food Business operators need to obtain the FSSAI License. 
Obtaining an FSSAI license is mandatory before commencing any food business operation in India to ensure the quality of food. So, the above FBOs must obtain FSSAI License and Registration. 
All the traders, manufacturers, restaurantsinvolved in the food business must obtain a 14-digit license number which is printed on their food products. 

Who Needs FSSAI Registration?

The following individuals or businesses entities need to obtain FSSAI food License mandatorily as per the rules and regulations of the Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006: 

  • All types of food manufacturers 
  • Wholesale food business operators 
  • Food traders 
  • Food product retailers 
  • Online food business operators 
  • Caterers or raw food material suppliers to hotels 
  • Exporter and importer of food products 
  • Food packaging unit 
  • Food storage units 
  • Transporter of food products 
  • Hotels, Restaurants and Bars 
  • E-Commerce food suppliers including cloud kitchens 

Types of FSSAI Registration 

The following table explains the category of FBOs who requires the FSSAI license. FSSAI is aimed at maintaining the quality of food that is deliverables for the market consumption. 

Types of licenses  

FSSAI Central License 


FSSAI State License 


FSSAI Registration 


Eligibility in terms of Turnover 


Above ₹20 crores annually 

Annually ₹12 lakhs to ₹20 crores 

Less than ₹12 lakh annually 


Benefits of FSSAI Registration

FSSAI laid down its standards and sub-standards to supervise and regulate the FBOs with the goal that safe food can be reached in the market for consumption purposes.  
Though FSSAI Registration / License is a mandatory compliance framework it is also aimed to create more accountability on the FBO to standardize the quality of the food products. 
By getting an FSSAI license FBOs can have legal benefits. They can capture more market share as the FSSAI logo is seen as an authentic symbol by the consumer for hygiene and quality standards, hence it is a goodwill enhancer. 
It aware the consumer about the surety that food is safe and also assists in terms of business growth. 

Getting FSSAI License/ FSSAI Registration

Procedure for Obtaining FSSAI Registration: 

  1. Applicant needs to create an ID on the FSSAI Portal before applying for Basic Registration or State License or getting Central License.  
  2. After creating Login credentials applicant can choose the business category as per the given categories in the portal to proceed further for application. 
  3. The system itself will find the eligibility for Basic Registration/State License/Central License on basis of information provided by the applicant. 
  4. While filling the application, the applicant also has to attach certain documents which are mentioned under. 
  5. After attaching documents user can print and upload the signed form and make the FSSAI license fee for the final submission of the application. 
  6. FSSAI registration is initiated by submitting “Form A”an application to the food and safety department.  
  7. The application can be accepted or it can be rejected by the Department within 7 days from the application date. If the application is rejected the facts should be informed by the authorities to the applicant.  
  8. When the application is complete and accepted by the FSSAI Authorities, then the department grants a registration certificate that mentions the registration number and the photo of the applicant.  
  9. FBOs must display thecertificate of registration at the place of business during business hours. 

The documents & information required

The documents & information required for basic FSSAI registration 

  • The photo Identity proof of the food business operators 
  • Proof of Address of premise (RentalAgreement)  
  • Partnership Deed / Certificate of Incorporation / Articles of Association if any 
  • Food products list 
  • Documents mentioning all the Directors/Partners/Executive Members etc  
  • Food safety management system plan  
  • Contact Information  
  • Information regarding Authorised Person including Photo ID Proof, Address Proof, Email ID, and Mobile No.  
  • Declaration Form in prescribed Format  
  • Form IX and Board Resolution in prescribed Format  
  • A List of Directors/Partners/Executive Members   
  • A Signed Copy of Form B 


The documents & information required for FSSAI State License  

  • Food safety management system plan or certificate whichever is available 
  • No Objection Certificate and copy of License from the manufacturer (In case of Labellers and Packers) 
  • Analysis report of water to be used in the process to confirm the portability  
  • Name and list of various equipment and machinery used with the number and installed capacity (for Manufacturer)  
  • Production Unit Photograph (for Manufacturer)  
  • Certificate provided by Ministry of Tourism (forhotels)  
  • Document showing Turnover 

The documents & information required for  FSSAICentral License 

  • Undertaking from FBO in a prescribed Format  
  • IE Code Document issued by DGFT  
  • Ministry of Commerce Certificate (For 100% EOU)  
  • Food safety management system plan or certificate  
  • NOC and copy of License from the manufacturer (In case of Labellers and Packers) 
  • Analysis report of water to be used in the process to confirm the portability  
  • Name and list of various equipment and machinery used with the number and installed capacity (for Manufacturer)  
  • Production Unit Photograph (for Manufacturer)  
  • Certificate provided by Ministry of Tourism (forhotels)  
  • Declaration of Turnover

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Visit the?“FoSCos website”. Click on the tab“Login-Businesses”.? Further enter “Username, Password, Captcha” and then click on “sign-in”. Click the “issued” option on the dashboard. You can download the registration certificate as well as FSSAI license from that section.

Yes we can track or we can check the FSSAI License number of the FBOs via this link 

Expiry Date Kind of Business Products License Type ( State License or Central License) Company Name Premises Address

Depending upon Basic registration and State and Central registration the fees for FSSAI registration may vary. Basic registration starts from ?100.

The validity varies from 1 to 5 years depending upon what license is been obtained.

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