How to Apply for Tamil Nadu Startup Seed Grant Fund 4.0 (TANSEED 4.0)?

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TANSEED 4.0 is the latest version of the successful Tamil Nadu Startup Seed Fund, and it's excellent news for entrepreneurs in the state. If you're a Tamil Nadu startup founder, this guide is for you to understand the TANSEED 4.0 registration procedure.

TANSEED 4.0 provides Rs.10 lakhs as a seed fund grant to all the eligible startups in the early stages. 

If you are an entrepreneur in Tamil Nadu looking for ways to access seed funds for your business venture, Tamil Nadu Startup and Innovation Mission (TANSIM) invites entrepreneurs to register for TANSEED 4.0.

If your application is found eligible, you will receive the grand seed fund of Rs.10 lakhs as financial support. 

So you want to apply for TANSEED 4.0? Here is the step-by-step procedure:

The registration for TANSEED 4.0 can be completed in four parts.

Step 1: 

Visit the TANSEED 4.0 link

Step 2: Details of Startup (Part -1)

Enter all the information about the company, such as, 
1.    Name of Organisation (MCA registered business name)
2.    Type of Entity (choose the business structure) - To avail of the TANSEED fund, you must register either as a Private Limited Company, a Limited Liability Partnership, or a registered Partnership firm.
3.    Date of business incorporation
4.    Business Incorporation Number: CIN/Registration Certificate Number
5.    Sector of business operation
6.    Business website URL
7.    Registration Address of the Organisation
8.    Information about whether your Startup is currently in incubation or already incubated at any startup incubation centre
9.    DPIIT registration number if you have already registered with Startup India.
10.  StartupTN Registration Number (If you don't have a StartupTN Registration Number, you may get it via registering at the portal.)

Step 3: Fill  in all the Founder's Details (Part -2)

1.    Founder's Name
2.    Role of the founder in Startup
3.    Brief background and experience of the founder
4.    Email ID
5.    Phone Number
6.    LinkedIn Profiel Link
7.    Does your Startup have a Woman Co-Founder/CXO?* 
8.    What's your current team size?
9.    Team Member details

Step 4: Core Business Details about the Startup (Part -3)

1.  How long have you been working on your Startup?
2.  Provide a short description or elevator pitch of your Startup.
3.  Describe the problem you are solving
4.  What is unique about your solution?
5.  In what way are you impacting society, and how will you measure it? 
6.  Please provide the value proposition for your product/service based on the customer segment.
7.  Competitors, and what is your competitive advantage?
8.  What is the market size of the opportunity
9.  Briefly explain your revenue model.
10. Revenue of last Financial Year
11. Total Revenue of the previous 3 Financial Years for the Startup
12. Average Net Profit of Last Three Financial Year (as per ITR Filled)
13. The initial investment put into your project
14. Technologies Used
15. Details about Patents
16. The investment you are looking for in the next 12 months and how the fund will be used
17. Key milestones your company has already achieved so far
18. Any grant support under any Central or State government scheme.
19. Total funds raised so far
20. Details about previous TANSEED applications and the progress made since then.

Step 5: Pitch Deck & Self Declaration (Part -4)

1.Upload the pitch deck
2.Link to Video presentation
3.Accept Terms & conditions and submit it

Once your application is processed, you'll be invited to an interview with the TANSEED team. This is the final step in the application process, and the committee will assess your business plan and your team's ability to execute it.


Author : Dharani

Date     : 05-Aug-2022