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How to Check GST Registration Status - GST Application ARN Status

What is ARN or Application Reference Number - an Overview 

When a taxpayer makes an application for the GST registration, a unique reference number is issued on the GST portal. This number is called ARN i.e. Application Reference Number. ARN is generated after the successful submission of the registration application on the portal. ARN is used to track the status of the registration application until the GST certificate or GSTIN is issued. 

Usually, it takes around 7 days for a registration application to be processed after the submission. ARN is issued so the taxpayer can keep a track of his application for the time being. 

However, if a taxpayer makes the registration application on the MCA portal then SRN is issued instead of ARN. SRN is short for Service Request Number. 

How to check the status of ARN? 

To check the status of the Application Reference Number of the application made for first registration, the taxpayer should follow the following steps: 

Step 1: Visit the main GST portal i.e.

Step 2: Go to “Services” and then “Track Application Status” 

Step 3: From there select the module as “Registration” from the drop-down menu

Step 4: After this, enter the ARN or SRN received by the taxpayer in the box displayed on the screen. 

Step 5: The portal will then ask you to enter the captcha code shown on the screen. 

Step 6: After that click on “Search” and you will get a detailed status of the registration application in different stages.  

To track the status of ARN in case of an application for any new registration or any amendment in the core field or non-core field, the taxpayer needs to follow the following steps: 

Step 1: Log in to the GST portal using a valid username and password 

Step 2: Go on to “Services” then “Track Application Status” 

Step 3: Then select the module as registration from the drop-down menu

Step 4: Enter the ARN or SRN and the submission date of the application 

Step 5: Then click on “Search.” This will give you the status update of your application displayed on the screen. You can also download the acknowledgement by clicking on the download option. 

What are the types or stages of ARN statuses? 

When you enter the ARN of your registration application on the GST portal, the detailed status of your application gets displayed on the screen. That status is displayed in multiple stages. Those stages are as follows: 

  • ARN generated - Pending for processing: This status is displayed when your application is successfully submitted on the portal and the ARN is generated but the application is yet to be processed by the officer. 
  • Site verification assigned: this status shows that the application has been marked for a site visit and application by the official. 
  • Site verification completed: Once the site verification officer submits the site verification report to the government official, this status is displayed on the portal.
  • SCN raised - Pending clarification: when the officer needs any clarification about any details filled in the application, the issues a notice to the taxpayer requesting clarification. 
  • Clarification filed or not filed: Pending for order: Once the taxpayer submits the clarification requested by the official, but the officer is yet to make any decision then this status is displayed on the portal. However, if the taxpayer fails to submit the clarification within the due date specified by the official and the officer has not made any decision yet then this status is displayed. 
  • Approved: When the officer is satisfied by the clarification made by the taxpayer, and he or she has approved the application, then this status is displayed. After this, the registration ID and password are sent to the taxpayer through the mail.
  • Rejected: If the officer is not satisfied with the clarification submitted by the taxpayer, then he rejects the registration application. In that case, this status is displayed on the portal. 

Author : Simran

Date     : 08-Jul-2022

Frequently Asked Questions on GST ARN

The main purpose of ARN is to help the taxpayer track the status of his registration application until he gets the GST registration certificate or GSTIN. It also helps in assisting the existing taxpayers in migrating their registration to the new GST regime.

An ARN is a 15 digit alphanumeric number comprised of: The first 2 digits represent the alphanumeric characters The next 2 digits represent the state code Then the next 4 digits of the number represent the month and the year After this, the next 6 digits are generated from the system And the last digit is depicted in the code.

The following documents are required for ARN: List of directors or partners along with their identification and proof of address. Memorandum of association, Articles of association, certificate of incorporation, partnership deed of the business entity PAN of the taxpayer Cancelled cheque of Bank account where the name of the account holder, IFSC code, MICR, details of a branch of the bank are mentioned. Rent agreement or electricity bill

The Application Reference Number is issued after the successful submission of the registration application.

The ARN can be tracked on the GST portal i.e.