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In the evolving work culture dynamics, not everyone is interested in taking up an 8-hours office job to make money. Instead, some want to start their business venture and make a career. 

But, many business dreams don't turn into real businesses on the ground due to investment. Some enterprises need considerable money to take off from the ground, and not everyone is comfortable investing huge at the initial stage. 

However, in today's world, there are plenty of opportunities for an individual to start a new business with minimal to zero investment. With consistent work towards the business goal and the right skill at the right time, you can bring your business idea into reality and succeed at it. 

Let's look at some of the best online business ideas you need to explore in 2023.


There is high demand in the market for someone with skill and experience in any particular niche area. And freelancing is the best way to start earning online. You can also begin outsourcing your work without spending money from your pocket.

The most sought-after freelancing works:

  • Content writing
  • Website development
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  • Mobile app development
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Designing

There is much other freelancing other than the ones mentioned above. In freelancing, you can approach clients directly or through platforms like,,, etc.

It would help if you created your freelancing profile for yourself on the sites mentioned above.

You can earn between $10 to $200 per work for every successful project completion. 

If you do good work consistently, you will likely get more such freelancing work from your existing clients regularly. They are most likely to associate with you for a long time. 

In the present scenario, many businesses have adapted to a hybrid work culture (working from both the office and home). They started looking for talents outside their business location by getting into contracts with freelancers for their projects. It has opened the floodgate of new freelancing opportunities. 

Not just that, but many small and medium-sized enterprises are venturing online to scale their revenue. If you have in-demand skills, then freelancing can be the right business opportunity with zero to minimal investment.

Suppose you are thinking of making good money by building an e-commerce store, but you don't have products with you to sell online. 

And you are also not ready to stock up on the products beforehand, and expecting the consumers to buy a product will put you under stress. Considering all this, you still want to create a business online; that's where drop shipping comes into play.

In dropshipping, you can sell the product you don't have in your hand. Let's talk in simple terms; first, you can choose a product that you would like to sell to your customers and list those products on your site at the price you want to sell to your customers.

When your customers successfully place the order with payment, you can set the same order with the supplier and deliver it directly to your customer. 

In the end, you make a profit out of it. 

With the range of digital products, the entire world has become its consumer—most of us are consuming digital content via google. 

Even this article, you would have found through Google search. One of the popular Google products is Youtube - a video content management platform. Since 2005, video content consumers have been increasing worldwide. Back then, besides a few, not many would have seen youtube as a potential revenue stream.

Right now, Youtube has given digital space for digital content creators to launch their youtube channels and start making video content to generate revenue.

Many Youtube content creators have been creating content for the past few years and have started to earn online.

During this lockdown, many have started vlogging and uploading it as youtube content to make a secondary income, if not as a primary business.


Are you considering becoming a podcaster on Spotify or other audio streaming platforms? - It is a good idea to start podcasting with zero investment.

If you can be a good storyteller, podcasting is a suitable space for you to explore your zero-investment business.

As the trend of listening to audiobooks and conversations is increasing, being a podcaster will be the right choice for you. If you have the right content to keep your audience engaged, then podcasting is for you.

You can gain more audience with consistent work, and once you have your audience, you can monetize. YOu can also collaborate with brands and make a better monetary deal out of advertising.


With the social media rush, brands need influencers to take their products or service to the audience and, in return, do a profitable business. With the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc., users who use it are always looking for exciting content that can keep them entertained and engaged.

If you can keep your audience engaged with the content you post regularly on your social media profile, you will most likely gain numerous followers.

In that case, if you endorse a brand or its product, your followers will notice the product and purchase it due to your influence on your followers.

It is one of the popular marketing methods where businesses engage with influencers to reach out to their targeted business audiences. 

Nowadays, brands prefer influencers over celebrities due to their acquisition cost and closeness to the audience they need.


Sometimes entrepreneurs need some assistance. Virtual Assistants can provide that service without having to go to different places. The Virtual Assistant is an evolving role where a person helps in doing all the corporate administrative work remotely. VA, as a job, mainly deals with answering phone calls and emails, maintaining daily task data of the person requested, scheduling meeting appointments, bookkeeping, event planning, etc. 

Nowadays, busy entrepreneurs often use virtual assistant services to keep up-to-date with their daily tasks and all future appointments.

Becoming a virtual assistant requires professional training to learn the know-how of the job, and you also get the briefing before you start the work. This role mainly requires you to interact and engage with top executives of a company.

So, if you are willing to provide virtual assistant service, and want to start, then you can sign up with the sites like Upwork, Flexjobs, etc. 


We all need an extra push to improve our studies and take school and college lectures. Taking some additional classes to gain conceptual clarity on a specific subject or topic and clarify our doubts will give us that extra edge to master the preparation. 

So, we all look out for after-school classes, from experienced teachers to tutors. Education going digital and access to the internet have eased our accessibility to professional tutors worldwide.

It is not just for school and college students. As many are preparing for competitive exams, online tutors are highly demanding from experts in different subjects. You make the best use of your knowledge of a topic by teaching others.

Some significant online course providers are Unacademy, Whitehat Jr., Vedantu, etc.

If you believe you are good at a particular subject, ready to make a difference in student's lives, and prepared to make a living by teaching, you must do it. 


Income Tax e-filing is not a joke. From salaried individuals to business persons, it is one of the essential things every taxable citizen of their country has to do from time to time. One should comply with the country's tax regulations, whether direct or indirect.

Many small-scale business people struggle to even manage their income tax filing independently. Big corporations or enterprises have a finance team to take care. However, medium and small businesses are still unfamiliar with the overall tax filing structure. They often make mistakes while doing it themselves and end up paying penalties. So as a tax consultant for those in need will improve their business life, and you can get paid a fee as a tax consulatant for businesses or individuals.

If you are good with the tax filing work, people look out for you; put your skill to use.


Though the English language is widely used, not all countries communicate in it. And much scientific research, literature, and other works are documented in different languages with minimal native speakers. For reaching out to a broader audience, it is essential to translate it into other languages or vice-versa.

It allows people who know multiple languages to leverage their language skills to do good business by translating research papers, speeches, news, etc. For example, if you learn to read, write and understand English, German, and French, you can make a good living by being an official translator. 

If you can read, write, and speak languages like German, English, French, Arabic, Finnish, Hindi, and Mandarin. There is a considerable demand for language skills in the market.

LAUNCHING A OWN WEBSITE (Minimal Investment)

Launching your website might suit you if you have the right content that you can provide for your website visitors. You spend around $100 to launch your website. After that, you must publish content regularly that might interest your audience.

Your site can be about anything of interest, like sports news, product reviews, tech news, personal finance, fashion reviews, etc. Once ready to serve your audience, you can sign up for Google Adsense to generate recurring revenue through your site. 

In simple terms, Google will use space on your site to publish third-party ads; if any of your website visitors click on the advertisements, you will earn money.

It is recommended that those who have good knowledge of a specific niche subject or field. You may need to work consistently to get things working in your favor. You may even quit your corporate job and create your own business around it with consistent work.

AFFILIATE MARKETING (Minimal Monetary Investment)

Once your website is live and has a set audience for yourself, you can venture into affiliate marketing. An affiliate is like a branding partnership with a company to sell its products or service through your site advertisements and take a commission for every successful transaction.

It is one of the advantages of running a successful website. The more traffic your website has, the more conversions you can make through your site.

Some of the famous affiliate websites are 

E-COMMERCE (Minimal Monetary Investment)

In the last decade, we have witnessed the exponential growth of online shopping platforms like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, Nykaa, etc., which continues to grow at scale. The industry is in the growth stage, giving room for many new e-commerce players. However, market giants like Amazon, Alibaba, and Flipkart hold a significant market share, and other niche market players like,,, etc.

So, if you don't want to create an e-commerce site due to competition, you can always join the existing e-commerce site as a seller. You can sell your products online with proper marketing and developing visibility. 


In the digital era, opportunity doesn't knock on the door; it's right in the palm of your hand. It's time for you to structure your career as you need.

As smartphones and internet connectivity strongly influence our daily life, if you have the right skill and expertise in any field, you can fully leverage it.

With the surge in digital users engaging via different online platforms to shop, learn, and earn, it is one of the best modes to launch your business with a minor investment. There are many opportunities to cater to those audiences by serving their demands.

In due process, it is also necessary to be mindful of what kind of instrument or platform you opt to stay away from fake and dubious methods.

Author : Dharani

Date     : 28-Oct-2022