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80G & 12A Registration - an Overview:

Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961, allows a deduction from taxable income of donations made to certain specified institutions or funds. The deduction is subject to a limit of 50% of the donated amount. Section 12A of the Income Tax Act, 1961, provides for a 100% deduction from taxable income of donations made to certain specified funds. 

What Is Section 80G Registration Online? 

Section 80G provides tax benefits to donors who make contributions to your organization. While there is no direct benefit to the NGO itself, this gives an incentive for people to donate which will increase your overall donations. This is especially true when the donations are sizable or come from organisations. 

What Is 12A Registration? 

Section 12A registration allows the income tax authorities to recognize an organisation (any NGO) as established for charitable purposes. This means they will not tax the income of these institutions, be it donations or capital gains, as they would for an entity operating for profit. 

Benefits of Registering Under 80G & 12A Registration

1. Registration under section 80G allows your donors to avail tax benefits which in turn increases your donation receipts. Whereas Registration under Section 12A provides tax benefits for the Organization. 

2. Can receive donations from individuals and corporates in a tax-efficient manner. 

3. It builds the credibility and accountability of the trusts/institution/Organisation and be recognised as a Chartible Organization. 

4. Along with benefits available to the donor, it helps to raise funds for specific projects/activities. 

5. You can be recognized as a charitable organisation and receive grants.  

6. An organization shall be registered to avail tax relief for funding from donor agencies & foreign donations. 

Procedure for Section 80G & 12A Registration Online

Below is the 80g registration process & 12A registration procedure: 

  • Using Form 10A an application must be filed to Commissioner Income Tax seeking exemption. 
  • This should be accompanied by all the required documents. 
  • Commissioner will review the application and the documents and seek additional information if needed. 
  • If everything is satisfactory, the Commissioner will approve your application and you will receive a registration certificate. Or else it will be rejected.  

Timeline and Validity  
The overall process and the approval can take around 1 month to come through.  An organization can apply for this as soon as they have their incorporation certificate. For example, trust deed in case of trust, Certificate of Incorporation in case of Section 8 Companies.  

Section 80G and 12A used to be one-time registration. However, recently the government has stipulated that it is valid for only 5 years and the Organizations have to revalidate it after that. 

Revalidation of Section 80G & 12A Registration 
Before the end of the 5 year validity period, NGOs can revalidate their registration online through the e-filing portal of the IT department. Form 10A will be available under the e-File tab. Once you fill out your form and submit it along with the necessary documents, the revalidation process will begin.  

Document Required for Section 80G & 12A Registration

  • The Organization registration certificate 
  • Audited annual accounts for the past 3 financial years 
  • FCRA ID (in case you are going to receive foreign donations) 
  • NGO Darpan ID (if any) 
  • PAN card 
  • Details regarding the activities of the Organization  

Why Choose eAuditor Office for Section 80G & 12A Registration

While it seems easy on paper, Section

80G & 12A registration is an important process that has to be done with utmost care. Any mistake in the documents or application submitted might result in unnecessary delays beyond the 3 months or sometimes even rejection. 

To avoid any such complications, allow eAuditor Office’s experts to take care of the registration process for you. They are experienced, thorough and guide you through the entire process so that everything is completed correctly and well on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

NGOs can apply for Section 80G & 12A registration immediately after the incorporation procedure is completed.

Yes, you can. If you do so, you need to apply for Section 12A first and then Section 80G. However, it is recommended that you do it together as it is easier.

All the government-approved NGOs are inherently eligible for Section 80G registration.

Yes, Section 80G & 12A Registration can be done 100% online and you don’t have to be physically present anywhere. Sit back and relax and let us take care of it for you.

Section 12A deals with the conditions of registration of NGOs and Section 12AA deals with the online procedure and approval aspect for the registration.

company registration consultants near me

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